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cihan (2008 02 06)


Ingredients (4 people)
150 gm. From prosciutto.
150 gm. From bologna.
150 gm. From salami.
2 medium potatoes.
2 eggs.
1 tablespoon grated cheese.
E garlic cloves.
Flour, oil.
Ground black pepper and salt.

First, cocemos unpeeled potatoes in salted water until they are well done. The hair, and we went through the pasapurés.
Picamos sausage in the mincer and if not what we have, what picaremos with the knife as often as possible.
Echo the mashed potatoes and chopped sausage in a fountain and add one whole egg, a little salt (bearing in mind that sausage already has) and a pinch of ground black pepper. Espolvoreamos with grated cheese and mix well until all forming a paste.
Batimos in a deep plate and cast breadcrumbs on another plate.
We are the regular size balls and rebozamos by egg and breadcrumbs.
Echo oil in a skillet and when hot this freímos garlic until golden brown, then in the same oil meatballs with heat to medium so it does not burn. The sacamos and reserve on paper towel.
They are served hot and can be accompanied by white rice. You can also serve cold salad with lettuce, tomato and onion.

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