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Göksen (2015 08 17)

Shira (Gaziantep)

Gaziantep Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü

Washed grapes are put into a vessel and some special substance called şıra toprağı is added on them. Grapes stepped on for a while turns into juice and it is taken to another vessel. The bubbles formed by boiling are called burun şerbeti and it is particularly used for bastık. Some starch is added to the boiling juice and stirred for a while. Shira turning out to be yellow is ready for bastık and sucuk.

Not: Shira (şıra) is the general name given to local foods such as bastık, sucuk, pekmez, dilme, tarhana, muska which contain boiled grape juice and various additives. Shira is made especially in the harvest time of grapes which are September and October. Mature grapes are used for it.

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