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Göksen (2015 08 17)

Baklava (Gaziantep)

Gaziantep Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü

1 kg. wheat flour
3 eggs
10 gr. salt
50 gr. starch
1 kg. oil
500 gr. pistachio inside
500 gr. milk
50 gr. semolina
750 gr. sugar
350 gr. water
How to Cook

Flour is scattered on kitchen bench in circular shapes. Scramble 3 eggs with 10gr salt and pour some water and knead. Knead is extended in the shape of wick and cut in 2 or 3 cm; knead is made thinner from its outside to towards the middle.
When its radius become 25-30cm, scatter some starch and put pieces of dough one over another. Knead is extended into 60cm width and 120-140cm length. Cut that dough cut in the size of the Baklava tray. For the bottom and top, choose the smoothest and thinnest pieces.
Cover two layers with rolling pin with the dough. Do it up to 12 or 14 layers of dough. Pour the cream, which is prepared in advance, in the middle of the tray and spread it all over the tray with a knife.
Scatter some crunched pistachoes and cover with a dough. Cut 10-12 layers of knead for the upper part. Cut it in the shape of diamonds with a sharp knife; pour some hot butter and bake it. Move the trays in the oven constantly. When it is ready, cut on the diamond shape lines.
Keep it on fire for a few minutes and start to add mixture of sugar and water. 1kg sugar is boiled in 350gr water and keep boiling it until it caramalized. Finally, pour it on baklava with ladle.

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