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Göksen (2015 08 17)

Firik Pilaf (Gaziantep)

Gaziantep Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü

1 kg. boneless sheep meat (fatless piece),
a bowl of rice,
a bowl of firik,
one spoon of pepper paste,
one spoon of tomato paste,
black pepper and salt,
a glass of chikpeas,
olive oil and water as necessary

Put meat in a pot and wash it properly; then pour some water as it covers the meat and heat it. When the bubbles appear take them (while it is boiling). Add some salt. After that add chicpeas which are already in water, tomato and pepper paste and black pepper. When the meat softens, filter it. Mix cleared bulgur, firik and cook it (there should enogh water covering it). After it absorbs its water, pour the oil (a glass of tea). Mix the chichpeas. Put the meat in hot oil and roast it until they have reddish colour. Put the rice is on a plate and cover it with roasted meat. It is served with radish, cress, green salad and ayran.

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