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Göksen (2015 08 17)

Cagirtlak Kebab (Gaziantep)

Gaziantep Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü

150 gr. lamb liver (4 skewers)
30 gr. liver fat
Salad Ingredients:
a pinch of parsley
sour sumac
1 small onion
Ingredients to cook:
Salt in moderation blackpepper cummin

Liver is cut in to square pieces. Liver fat is cut into pieces in the same way. 5 liver and 1 square pieces of fat; are put on to a skewer with the order of 2 square pieces of liver, 1 square piece of fat, 3 square pieces of liver on each skewer.
Cooking: The livers on skewers are cooked by turning without burning on barbecue which has no flames. A little salt, pepper, and cummin are added while cooking. When they are cooked, they are taken in to a plate, a little blackpeper is added.
How to prepare salad: Onion is cut into small pieces and mixed with sour summac. Parsley is cut into very small pieces and it is mixed as well. The salad, dressed with lemon, greenpepper, radish and other seosonal green vegatables, is put next to liver kebab on the plate and served. You may have ayran with the kebab.

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