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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Buryan with Meat (video)

Buryan Pilavi
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English.

Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler Cuisine!
at this episode, we are sharing a recipe from Rumelia
"Buryan with Meat"
letís see the short ingredients list, then we will see how to cook it
1.10 pounds lamb cubes
3 cups of rice
3 onions
2 tbsp butter
1 cup of grated tomato
3 tbsp vegetable oil
3 cups of water
1 + 1/2 tsp salt
and black pepper
as I mentioned this recipe is from Rumelia
"there is another meal called as ""Buryan Kebap"" also in our cuisineÖ"
but it is particular to Siirt region, it is delicious also
after sharing this little detail, letís see how to prepare ďBuryan Pilaf with MeatĒ
I have 3 cups of rice
I will rest it in too much warm water
after adding some saltÖ
Iíll rest it in that warm water for half an hour at least
while resting the rice in warm waterÖ
letís prepare the meat mixtureÖ
Iím pouring 3 tbsp of vegetable oil
into the pot
Iíll wait for a while to heat it
because, I have to put the meat into hot pot
to keep its broth
I think that it is hot enough now
Iím adding the lamb cubes
and Iíll roast them, until their surfaces turn into brown
after roasting the cubes for about 15 minutesÖ
Iím adding finely cut onion
Iím keeping on frying until the onion pieces lose their shape
"at it is mentioned in our ""Pilaf"" bookÖ"
the golden rule of cooking a good pilaf, is being successful while adjusting the water
so Iím using the same cup for measuring the other ingredients...
Iíve grated the tomato, 1 cup of grated tomatoÖ
and Iím adding it over the frying mixture of onion and meat
Iíll be cooking it until the grated tomato reaches a thicker consistency, for a short time
yes grated tomato has reached the consistency that I desire...
so, Iím measuring the hot water by the same cup and adding 3 cups of hot water into the mixture
why am I adding hot water?
because, if I add cold water it hardens the meat
I may add some salt now
Iím covering the lid and keeping on cooking, until the meat softens
yes, the meat is about to cooked
meanwhile, Iím putting 2 tbsp of butterÖ
into the pot
actually I do not use too much butter or margarine in my recipesÖ
but this an regional recipe, so I have to keep its original tasteÖ
so now Iím using butter more than usual
Iíve rested the rice in 3 cups of water and washed it a few timesÖ
until its starch goes away. Now .Iím adding the rice
Iíll roast it for about 5 minutes...
the rice will turn into transparent during the roasting
roasting process the rice stay in pieces
while keeping on cooking Buryan PilafÖ
I want to remind the processes that Iíve done
Iíve rested the rice, then washed it with too much water
until its starch goes away
after frying the meat with 3 tbsp of vegetable oilÖ
Iíve added 3finely cut onions in it
Iíve fried until the onion pieces turn into transparent
Iíve added 1 cup of grated tomatoÖ
and about 1 tsp of salt
after cooking it for a while moreÖ
Iíve added 3 cups of warm water
and kept on cooking until the meat pieces soften
then, Iíve roasted the riceÖ
3 cups of rice that Iíve prepared and washed beforeÖ
for 5 minutes in with 2 tbsp of butter
now Iíll place the roasted rice into a heat-resistant tray...
which has a proper size
Iím placing the meat over the rice layerÖ
with its broth, because as you knowÖ
Iíve measured all the ingredients carefully
Iíve added the meat with its broth gently over the rice layer
finally, Iíll cover it by an aluminum foilÖ
or grease-proof paper or the lid of the tray
and Iíll cook it in the oven that Iíve preheated to 374 FÖ
for about 20 or 25 minutes
Buryan Pilaf is cooked, Iím removing the foil
Iím grinding some black pepper all over
to have fresh pepper smell
Iíll rest it for half an hour more, then Iíll mix and serve it
at this episode, weíve shared a delicious pilaf recipe
"Buryan with Meat"
as you know the local recipes are also traditional ones
those handed down for centuries, so their tastes are inarguable
Iím sure that you will like it, if you try
Bon Appetite! Afiyet Olsun!

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