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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Fast Borek (video)

Cabuk Borek
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English.

Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler video pages!
at this episode we are cooking a very simple borekÖ
"Fast Borek"
letís see the ingredients list firstlyÖ
then we will see how to cook it easily
6 flaked pastries
1/2 cube of feta cheese
15 - 20 stems of parsley
1 egg
"for the upper side; 1 tsp sesame"
now we can see how to cook it easily...
the ingredients list is too short...
letís start to prepare the filling...
by slicing the parsley finely
as always, Iím slicing with their stems
if you slice it finely, the stems do not discomfort you...
you do not feel it while eating
Iím placing it into the mixing bowl
I have half cube of feta cheese...
Iím adding it also
Iíll add egg white also...
then Iíll use its yolk for the upper side
now, I can mix it
yes the filling mixture is ready nowÖ
Iím putting it aside for a short time
now Iíll roll out the flaked pastriesÖ
after the preparing the filling mixture
the easy way of this borekÖ
Iíll superpose these 6 flaked pastriesÖ
and roll them out into the size of the baking tray
there is no need to cut each of them into 2 piecesÖ
by this way, by the help of flourÖ
Iím rolling them out by keeping their rectangular shape
Iíve rolled out them into the size of baking tray
now Iím placing the prepared filling mixture...
all over the rolled out dough
Iíll cover all the surface by this filling mixture...
it is so easy to cook that, Iím not using oil...
nor milk, but eventuallyÖ
it will be delicious
Iím laying it all over the surfaceÖ
as you can see, I did not place too much filling mixture onto the edges
because, Iíll roll it a little bit later...
I donít want the mixture on the edges affect the shape of the roll
by this wayÖ
Iím making a roll, not a too tight one nor loose one
Iím removing the extra flour
Iím placing it into the Ö
greased baking tray.
Iím spreading the remaining yolk...
all over
now, Iíve 1 tsp sesame...
if you do not like sesame, you can use nigella insteadÖ
you can sprinkle any of them, however you want
Iím making some cuts over it, with proper spaces between each of them
those will seem so nice after the baking
now Iím placing the tray into the oven...
that is preheated to 392 FÖ
Iíll bake the borek, until it turn into golden color
Iíve baked it very fast also...
Iíve removed it from the oven...
10 minutes later, you may slices it by the help of the cuts over it and serve
at this episode we have shared a very simpleÖ
but very imposing recipe...
it is really very fast to cook it...
Iím sure that you will like it, if you bake...
Bon Appetite! Afiyet Olsun!

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