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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Aegean Cookies (video)

Ege Kurabiyesi
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler Cuisine with our best wishes
we are publishing new recipes to answer your great demand
because of the high desire about the cookies, we are sharing a very delicious and healthy cookie recipe
"Aegean Cookies"
letís see the very short and very economic ingredients list
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 cup of olive oil
1 cup of yogurt
1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate
flour, as much as the mixture gets in
for the upper side; 1/3 cup of sesame
1 egg white
Iím starting to prepare the ďAegean CookiesĒ
Iím separating the yolk from the white of the egg
I need the yolk now, so Iím placing the egg white into another pot
Iíll use it later
Iím adding yogurt andÖ
granulated sugar on it
Iím mixing it by a blender, until the sugar dissolves totally
the sugar has dissolved totally
Iím adding 1 cup of olive oil also
I may advise you to use virgin olive oil
Iím mixing it just for a while
Iíll add flour in the mixture, as much as the mixture gets in
you know that, we do not add sodium bicarbonate onto the liquid mixture directly
so, Iím adding some flour nowÖ
then, Iíll add the sodium bicarbonate onto the flour
sodium bicarbonate must not touch to liquid directly, why?
because, if it touches, it gives a bitter taste to the mixture
now, Iím starting to knead it
Iím adding the flour little by little
this recipe is requested too many timesÖ
because, we all love cookies, but all of the cookies includes fatÖ
so it may harm your health
these cookies just include olive oil, so it is preferred
Iíve knead the dough by adding flour in it little by little
I want to show it, as you can notice it does not stick to my hand
also it is not too soft, it has a medium consistency
well, Iíll cover the dough and rest it for half an hour
the dough is rested for half an hour
well, Iím rolling it out now and Iíll shape it
it has a great consistency
firstly, we will pick walnut sized pieces from the dough and roll them
letís see how to make it
now Iím shaping it as a pencil
yes that is the length that we want to reach
now, Iím folding it
Iím twisting it at least two times
by this wayÖ
Iím dipping into the egg white firstly
then into the sesame
that is the shape of these cookies
well, Iím placing them into the baking tray that is greased or covered by grease-proof paper
Iím showing it one more time
by the same way, Iím picking a walnut sized piece from the doughÖ
Iím shaping as a pencil, but a little bit thicker than pencil...
just like a string
Iím folding it
and now, Iím making at least two rolls
Iím dipping it into the egg white firstly
then covering with sesame
Iím placing them into the tray
Iíve baked the cookies in the oven that is preheated to 374 FÖ
till they turn into red and Iíve placed them into the service plate
now you may serve it with coke, juice, tea or coffee...
whatever you want
at this episode in the Mutevazi Lezzetler Cuisine, we have cooked "Aegean Cookies"
if you want to bake some healthy cookies, you should definitely try it
you will like it

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