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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Apple Packages (video)

Elmali Bohca
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Welcome to Mutevazı Lezzetler Cuisine!
at this episode, we are sharing an easy honoring recipe
"Apple Packages"
let痴 see the ingredients of this recipe
2 medium size apples
8 petit beurre biscuits
4 square shaped flaked pastries
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cocoa
1 egg white
1/3 cup of beaten walnut
1/6 cup of raisins
"for the upper side; 1 egg yolk"
1 tbsp castor sugar
I知 breaking the 8 petit beurre biscuits by the knife
you may beaten or blend the biscuits also
or you may squeeze them in their package to turn them into pieces
I知 keeping on preparing the filling
I知 adding egg white onto the beaten biscuits
I値l use the yolk for the upper side
I advise to beaten the 1/3 cup of walnut
it will be more tasty
and 1/6 cup of raisins
I致e rested them in water for half an hour to soften them
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cocoa
now I値l knead this mixture
the egg white will keep the ingredients together
I致e kneaded them, and as you may see it has turned into smooth dough
well, I値l divide it into 4 pieces
because we have 2 apples, and we will use each piece of dough for each half of the apples
I知 shaping them as balls
I知 peeling the apples firstly
as you may notice, I did not peel them at the beginning to prevent them darken
you should definitely peel the apples
I値l cut each of them into 2 pieces
and remove the seed beds
If you do not peel the apples, they harden during the cooking
I want to emphasize that you should peel them
by this way we are also caving them and removing the seed beds
after preparing the apples, now I知 enlarging the pastries a little bit
over flour, not too much
you should not free the flaked pastries again, after defrosting them once
I want emphasize it also
the size is enough, I知 removing the extra flour over
the apples are peeled and the filling mixture is ready
the filling mixture may seem too much, but it gives the taste, so we are preparing more
I知 forcing over a little bit
and I知 placing onto the middle of the dough
and I知 packaging it, as the name of the recipe
and I値l place them into the greased baking tray
it is a really practical recipe, you even may prepare it after your guest痴 arriving immediately
and serve to your guest a delicious pastry
I知 holding the apple, placing the filling mixture by forcing over it
I知 reversing and packaging
I知 flattening by this way and placing into the greased baking tray
now, I値l spread yolk all over
I致e already used the white, now I知 using the yolk
I致e spread the yolk over the packages
I値l place the tray into the oven that is preheated to 392 F and bake them in red color
the packages are removed from the oven, they have turn to red nicely
finally I知 sifting some castor sugar over them
it is important to sift it over the packages, while they are hot yet
I知 placing them into the service plate
they smell delicious
I may show the inner side also
it is hard to cut it without bread board
you may see that it is too hot
it is really a delicious bun
we have shared a very nice recipe
"Apple Packages"
it is easy to cook and delicious, please try it
Bon Appetite! Afiyet Olsun!

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