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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Quinces Bun (video)

Ayvali Pogaca
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Greeting from Mutevazı Lezzetler Cuisine!
at this episode, we are sharing a bun recipe, a sweet bun
and the fruit the bun includes, is very healthy for your hearth
let痴 see the ingredients list at first, then we will see how to cook it
1 cup of milk
1/3 cup of castor sugar
1 egg yolk
flour, as much as the mixture gets in
1/2 cup of sunflower oil
1 pack of baking powder
1 pack of vanilla
"for the filling; 2 quinces, medium size"
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
1/2 cup of beaten walnut
and 3 cloves
"for the upper side; 1 egg white"
1 tbsp granulated sugar
and 1 tbsp coconut
I知 starting by preparing the filling mixture
surely, quince is a hard fruit and it is hard to peel it also
I致e peeled the quinces, now I値l cut each of them into 2 pieces
as I told quince is a hard fruit, so I知 cutting it by this way
and I知 removing the seed beds
I知 removing the seeds, I知 removing the seed beds, and getting them ready to grate
I知 grating the quinces thickly now
and placing the grated pieces into the pot
you should be fast at this process, because the quince darkens easily
I致e finished the grating process
I知 placing it into a small pot
I think it seems better now
I知 adding 1/2 cup of granulated sugar ion it
I知 adding 3 cloves also
then I will remove those
I値l cover the lid on and cook the mixture over low heat, until the mixture gives its juice and soaks again
while cooking the mixture, I値l prepare the dough
now I need just the yolk, so I知 putting the white aside
I値l use it for the upper side
I致e placed the yolk into the mixing bowl
I知 adding 1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of sunflower oil
1/3 cup of castor sugar
I知 dissolving the castor sugar by mixing by fingertips
I値l add flour over it, until it reaches a density which does not stick your hands
while kneading the dough, I知 adding 1 pack of vanilla
and 1 pack of baking powder
and I知 keeping on kneading
the dough has reached the right consistency, I値l rest it for about 15 - 20 minutes
I知 sprinkling some flour over the bench
placing the dough over it, and covering the dough by the mixing bowl. It is a very simple way to rest it
the filling mixture has cooked, so I知 placing it into a plate to cool it faster
now, I知 adding 1/6 cup of beaten walnut
by the way, I have to remind that I致e removed the cloves which I壇 put before
I知 mixing it
the dough is rested, it has reached the right consistency and it is smooth also
now I知 picking pieces from the dough which are a little bit bigger than walnut size
the dough includes sugar, so it has a elasticity
I知 rolling out each of the dough pieces over floured bench, until each of them reaches saucer size
the filling mixture has cooled down totally
this size is enough
I知 placing this filling mixture
some kinds of the quinces do not include too much juice
if you will use that kind of quinces, you should add some water into the mixture during the cooking
I should remind it now
I致e covered it by this way, shaped
ng the edges
this is enough for filling, I知 covering it, and forcing over it a little
now I知 cutting
after shaping the buns, I知 spreading the egg white all over the buns
after the egg white, I知 sprinkling some castor sugar all over
they will seem so nice
then coconut
they will not turn into red too much
they will be pink
now I知 placing the tray into the oven which is preheated to 356 F
as I told before, they should be pink during the baking
the buns are baked, and I致e placed them into the service plate
I advise to eat them warm.

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