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Banu Atabay (2010 12 17)

Azerbaijani Pilaf (video)

Azeri Pilavi
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler Video Recipes pages!
at this episode, we will share a World Cuisine recipe with you
ďAzerbaijani PilafĒ
letís see the ingredients list at first
10.5 oz lamb cubes
2 cups of rice
2 onions, medium size
1 tbsp pine kernels
1 tbsp currants
5 dried apricots
1 tbsp butter
4 tbsp sunflower oil
2 medium size carrots
3 green onions
4 - 5 stems of parsley or dill
3 cups of boiling water
1/2 tsp of black pepper
1 + 1/2 tsp salt
firstly, Iíll boil the lamb cubes
Iím placing 1 tbsp of sunflower into the pot
when it turns into hot a little, Iím adding 10.5 oz of lamb cubes
Iíll roast them for about 10 minutes
Iíll add water on it
after adding 1/2 tsp of salt on itÖ
Iím adding 3 cups of boiling water
It has started to boil
Iím turning the heat to low and boiling it for about 25 minutes
Iím removing the bubbles time to time which exist during the cooking
when the meat boils, letís prepare the other ingredients
Iím dicing the dried ďdayĒ apricotsÖ
I prefer this kind of apricots
because they are naturally dried
Iíve rested them in warm water for half an hour before dicing
now it is the time for the carrots, Iím dicing them also
now the onionsÖ
try to dice the onions as thin as you can
Iím placing 4 tbsp oil into the pot
Iím adding 1 tbsp butter into the pot also
we are generally using sunflower oil, because it is very healthy
I can add the pine kernels now
Iím roasting them, until they turn into yellow for a few minutes
now, the carrots, the hardest ingredientsÖ
so, Iím adding them firstly
Iím roasting it for about 5 minutes
Iím covering the lid
the carrot has softened
now I can add the onion
I will not give a roasting time for the onions, because it is important to fry them well
when it turns into dry, it means that it is ok
Iím covering the lid again
the onion has reached the right consistency
it is totally dried
Iím adding the chopped apricots and currants at the same time
Iíll roast the mixture, until the currants start to grow up, without covering the lid
I did not rest the rice in water, but Iíve washed it, until its starch has gone away
it is very important to wash the rice well and drain its water after washing
Iíll roast the rice for a few minutes
Iím adding 1 tsp salt all over
while roasting the rice, letís prepare the meat meanwhile
Iím draining its broth by a colander
now I can add the drained meat also
Iím sautťing the mixture for a while more
by the way, I can add the black pepper also
Iím adding the black pepper at the end to keep its smell
finally, Iím adding 3 cups of broth
if the broth does not be 3 cups, you can add some water to make it 3 cups
because of not resting, we have to add 4 cups of water for 2 cups of rice
the ingredients are also juicy, so it is enough to add 3 cups of broth, not more
Iím mixing it gently and covering the lid on
after the mixture reaches boiling temperature, Iím turning the heat to low and cooking the mixture for about 10 more minutes
Iím slicing the parsley and dicing the onion finally
the pieces must be too small
after the onion Iím slicing the parsley very finely
the pilaf has soaked the water totally
Iím turning off the heat and adding onion and parsley
you can use dill instead of parsley also
Iím laying it all over without mixing
Iím placing a paper towel over it for restingÖ
and resting it for 30 minutes
the Azerbaijani Pilaf has steamed
the onion and the parsley are cooked with its steam
Iím mixing it gently, without breaking the rice
Azerbaijani Pilaf is very similar Uzbek Pilaf
after all, they are the parts of the same culture
their tastes are very similar also
now Iím placing it into the wet bowl by forcing a little over it
Iím reversing it over the service plate
Iím placing a parsley piece over it and it is ready to serve
at this episode, we have shared a World Cuisine recipe with you, "Azerbaijani Pilaf"
its taste is very similar to our meal culture
I hope that you will love it
Bon Appetite! Afiyet Olsun!

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